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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the V Svyatoslav Knushevitsky International Cello Competition has been postponed to September 1, 2021. Schedule of the V International S. Knushevitsky Cello Competition 2021 Applications submitted for participation in the competition will be valid, you only need to confirm your participation in the competition no later than July 1, 2021. Also, until April 1, 2021, the acceptance of applications was extended. Competition Management.  

Under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Winners of Ind competition  

Winners of IInd competition  

Winners of IIInd competition:

Junior Group

1 prize and gold medal

Zhai Zimo, China

2 prize and silver medal

Makhnach Mihail, Belarus

3 prize and bronze medal

Bok YuLji, South Korea

Tolzhuma Bukhytzhan, Kazakhstan

Funtikova Lyudmila, Russia

Diplomas and title of laureate

Rodionov Mihail, Russia

Kostyk Anna Lucia, Russia

Baboshin Nikita, Russia

Sharlotte Pierrey, France

Senior Group

1 prize and gold medal

Rustem Hamiddulin, Russia

Darima Cirempilova, Russia

2 prize and silver medal

Madlen Duco, France

Alexandra Perlova, Russia

3 prize and bronze medal

Andre Stankovsky, Hungary,

Timur Kolodyagny, Russia

Special prize for the best accompaniment - Tatiana Dorohova(Russia), Irina Rodionova (Russia), Ganel Abdikadirova (Kazahstan), Alina Zolina (Russia), Mark Vitantonio (France)

Government  of  Saratov Region  
Ministry of Culture of Saratov Region  
 Saratov Regional A.Schnitke Philharmony  
 Moscow  State P.Tchaikovsky  Conservatory  
 Saratov State L.Sobinov Conservatory  
Saratov Regional Art College 
M.I. Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture 
Association of Tchaikovsky Competition Stars 
The Competition is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation  

The chairman of organising committee of competition - Sokolov A.C. - Rector Moscow  State P.Tchaikovsky Conservatory, professor  
The chairman of jury - Gavrish I.I. - professor Moscow State P.Tchaikovsky Conservatory   
 The Director of competition - Usanov S.A., professor   

Biography of Knushevitsky

Competition Rules