The program – Международный конкурс виолончелистов имени С.Н. Кнушевицкого

The program

Junior Group

Round 1
a) J.S.Bach. 2 movements from 6 «Suites for Cello Solo» (The Prelude and Sarabande).
b) One of the following etudes:
– F.Gruzmaher op.38 .№ 5,9.;
– A.Nelck op.32 №.7;
– D.Popper о73 №.6, 8, 9, 34;
– A.Franchomme – op.7 №.9 ;
– A.Piatti – op.25, any of «12 Caprices for cello»;
– K.Schröder op.44 №5,8.
c) One of the listed Sonatas: A.Ariosti – in e-minor, J.Breval – E.Kenbley in G major, I. Birkenstock E-minor, L.Boccherini (any Sonata from 6 Sonatas. In redaction by A.Piatti ), J. Valentini – in E major, К.М. Weber – Pyatigorsky in a- minor, Corelli in D minor, P.Locatelli – in D major, J.Sammartini – in G major, C.Tessarini – in F major, L.Franceur – in E major, K.Ekkels –in G-minor.
Round II (Final)
a) A cantilena piece
b) A virtuoso piece
c) Concerto form (concerto, concertino, rhapsody, variations with piano accompaniment)
Notes: the concert form can be performed wholly or in parts. For example, you can perform either part I or II and III.

Senior Group

Round 1
a) M.Reger Suite №.2 in d- minor the Prelude or J.S.Bach «Suites for Cello Solo» Prelude and Sarabanda from Suites: № 4 (E flat major), №.5 (с – minor), №.6 (D major).
b) F.Schubert “Arpeggione” Sonata in a-minor D 821 (the First part).
с) One of virtuoso pieces from the following:
– D.Popper-“Dance of elves”, “the Spinning Song”, “Die Jagd”, “Tarantella”;
– J.Klengel – “Scherzo”;
– K.Davydov – “At the Fountain”;
– P.Tortelier – “The Spiral”;
– P.Tchaikovsky “Pezzo capriccioso”;
– N.Rimsky-Korsakov “Flight of a bumblebee”;
– К.М. Weber-G.Pyatigorsky “Adagio and rondeau”.

Round II
a) L.V.Beethoven. Sonata №4 in C major (op.102 No.1) or Sonata № 5 in D – major (op.102 №2).
b) One of the following sonatas:
– N.Myaskovsky – Sonata No.1 in В major
– S.Prokofev – Sonata, op.119 in C major
– D.Shostakovich – Sonata in d- minor
– K.Khachaturian Sonata for Cello and Piano

Round III (with orchestra)

One of following concertos:
– J.Haydn. Concerto in D major (Cadenza by M.Gendron or by E.Feuermann),
– C.Saint-Saens – Concerto in a-minor
– R.Schumann – Concerto in a-minor
– E.Elgar – Concerto in e-minor
– P.Tchaikovsky – “Variations on a Rococo theme”
– A.Khachaturian – Concerto in e-minor

Note: The program is mainly based on music of the repertoire of S. Knushevitsky.